viernes, 12 de septiembre de 2014

Stopmotion and Omega Trailer



Vuelvo a subir el vídeo que hicimos para la clase de Stopmotion con nuevos sonidos y algunos cambios más. ¡Espero que os guste! :D
I updated the video we made for Stopmotion class. I added new music and some details, so... I hope you like it! :D


I made this fanmade video for our DC and Marvel rol forum: OMEGA
Video edition and music mixed by me.
Texts by Sharaen.

- Avatars of the forum users.
- DC and Marvel animation comics, DC Online videos, etc.

- Thesecession

Sound Effects:
- Freesound
- RPG Maker

I hope you enjoy it! :D

3D Modeling and Texturing


He actualizado la pestaña "3D Modeling and Texturing" con este contenido:
I update the page "3D Modeling and Texturing" with this new information:


Modelling and Texturing

Desk Room


Face & Eyes 

Western Table

   Mine & Lamp (Lightmap)



Livery Stable

Materials & Textures (The model is not mine)

(The models are not mine. I only make the textures and the general lights)

Array Omni

Light Tracer

Sky Light

Ambient Oclusion

Gray Scale

Final Render

You can see the illuminated scene here --> Lighting Tests


Modeling & Texturing


Rigging & Skinning
(The model is not mine. I only make the Rigging and the Skinning)



He actualizado la pestaña "Game Developer" con este contenido:
I update the page "Game Developer" with this new information:


Ultimate Pong with C programming language.

I made this game based on the original Pong with C programming language.
You can download the game here.

Space Invaders with C# programming language.

I made this game with C# programming language.
All the resources are original of Wonder Boy game.
You can download the game here 


Programación básica con Unity. Manejo de materiales, texturas, partículas, animaciones, etc. 
Basic programming in Unity. I get by materials, textures, particles, animations, etc.

A plataformer game based on Kingdom Hearts saga.



Participé como artista 2D en la Game Jam 2014 de Barcelona.
I participate in the Game Jam 2014 Barcelona like an artist 2D. 
You can play the game in the Game Jam website ---> Way Back 



He actualizado la pestaña "Animación" con este contenido:
I update the page "Animation" with this new information:

Recopilatorio de animaciones hechas con 3D Studio Max. Tres de ellas están hechas con Motion Capture,
All of these animations were made with 3D Studio Max. Three of them were made with Motion Capture.

Vídeo de Stopmotion hecho para la clase de RTH.
We did this stopmotion video for the RTH class.

lunes, 18 de agosto de 2014

Meeting Mr. Tumnus

This is my second time reading the lovely Chronicles of Narnia novels. This is my favourite scene, when Lucy Pevensie meets Mr. Tumnus in the lamppost. 

 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrove is my favourite book of the saga.

This drawing was a work for the Concept Art class. I recently add some details, so you can see it finished! I hope you enjoy it!

lunes, 14 de julio de 2014

Concep Art and Nekami Project


At the end, I started to draw the props of a videogame project named Nekami. 
These are some of the concepts:

Por fin he podido empezar a dibujar algunos de los props para el videojuego de Nekami.
Estos son algunos de los concepts:

This drawing was a concept for class. She's the main character of Mass Effect.
Un concept art de la protagonista del Mass Effect para clase de dibujo. 

This drawing was for class too. A quick background drawing of the Hobbit movie.
Un dibujo rápido de un escenario de la película del Hobbit que hice para la clase de dibujo.  

This is a quick drawing of the hill behind of my Galicia's home.
Este es el monte que hay detrás de mi casa en Galicia. Una acuarela rápida para pasar el tiempo ;p

Digital illustrations


A few of digital illustrations I made this year.
Unas cuantas ilustraciones digitales que he hecho este año.

I did this poster for the el XIX Manga convention of Barcelona.
Este fue el cartel que hice para el XIX Salón del Manga.

Fan art of Daisuke Motomiya and Ken Ichijouji from Digimon 02.
Fan art de Daisuke Motomiya y Ken Ichijouji de Digimon 02.

The second of four erotic illustrations for my portfolio. 

The principal characters are Mikael and Lilith from the Chronicles of Khâlid: Wartime.
I think that they are so appropriate for these sexual scenes xDDD 

La segunda de cuatro ilustraciones eróticas para mi portfolio.

De nuevo, Mikael y Lilith de las Crónicas de Khâlid: Wartime.

A pixel art of Link from Legend of Zelda. 
Un dibujo de Link del Legend of Zelda al estilo Pixel Art.

Wally West and Artemis Crock from Young Justice show.
Wally West y Artemis Crock de la serie Young Justice.

The day of my birthday, Christopher Jones (the autor of the Joung Justice comics) told me that he loves this piece! He makes me so happy! >o< Thank you!!
Christopher Jones, el autor de los cómics de Young Justice me dejó un mensaje en mi facebook el día de mi cumpleaños diciendo "I love it!" refiriéndose a esta imagen. Soy muy feliz!! Muchas gracias!! >o<

This all started as a RPG with my firend Liraen. We imagined what would happen between Wally and Artemis after his birthday, when he learned that Mr Martian was in a relationship with Superboy. In our story, Artemis took him to the amusement park so he would shut up and stop whining - I mean, so he would lighten up. xD

I dedicate this drawing to the people who watched The Young Justice show, and the fans of Spitfire! :D


Esto fue una coña entre Liraen y yo. Nos imaginamos que pasaría el día en que Wally descubriera que Miss Martian estaba saliendo con Superboy. Artemis trata de animarle y los dos van al parque de atracciones a pasarlo bien. Artemis acaba ganando en todos los puestos de tiro por lo que Wally acaba cargando con todos los juguetes xDDDDD

Dedico el dibujo a todos los fans de Young Justice y el Spitfire! :D

Como echo de menos esta serie ;O; ojalá hicieran la tercera temporada ¡NO SE PUEDE ACABAR ASÍ! xDD