lunes, 14 de julio de 2014


This time I will show you more old works and sketches from The Chronicles of Khâlid.
Os traigo unos cuantos dibujos antiguos y algunos sketch de las Crónicas de Khâlid.

Kaylan and Mira, the guardians of Karin's Waterfall. The Chronicles of Khâlid.

This was a super-poster for all the fans of the three book of Chronicles of Khâlid.

Poster of The Chronicles of Khâlid: Tears of Lunpah.

A quick pencil sketch of Mira from The Chronicles of Khâlid. Made it in a gray paper.

All the demon's princes of The Chronicles of Khâlid.

Celurion and Leonor from The Chronicles of Khâlid.

Agape and Noa from Skydoll (Alessandro Barbucci)
I'm so proud of this one because this was a gift for the autor and he like it a lot! >o<
Thank you Alessandro for make an awesome comic! 

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