viernes, 14 de agosto de 2015

Fantasy returns!

I've been busy because of school and homework. Two years making game development and I'm glad I can draw something different now. I hope I can upload the blog more often, I have a lot of work and comissions to do!

It's nice to be back :D

Llevaba muchísimo tiempo sin poder dibujar por culpa de las clases, así que... ¡he retomado el lápiz con ganas! Espero poder actualizar el blog más a menudo ahora que tengo una buena lista de comissions xD

¡Un saludo! :D


Wartime Poster 01

Rou Last Wish

Loki and Leah

These two are a collaboration with the artist Liraen
She made the sketch of her female characters. I inked and painted the drawings.

Zen and Shyra

Zhavon and Jade

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